My Life

The quietness of the night lets me think on my life

All the pain and suffering that came, whether day or night

But there was also happiness, smiles, and laughs

For all the sadness, there were times that made me glad

–Glad to be alive, glad to be able to breathe the air under the sun

Glad I was given legs that were capable and able to run

When so many people are lying up in a coffin

I take thanks often that I can get up in the morning, coughing

A sour reminder that I’m still alive and functioning

So you will not budge me even when I’m cold or struggling

Through all the pain and strife, I make every time my time

And if that’s a crime, I accept responsibility for my climb

–Climbing the ladder to a higher mental plane

Strengthening my mind, preparing for life’s physical strain

Losing friends, family, and still walking away fully upright

Even when I find myself up at night trying to fight

–Fight the shadows, the ghost; say a prayer for the dead

Accepting the decisions I made and lying in that bed

Sleeping with my lies, my truths, my joy, and my pain

And if you’re my bother, I’ll stand with you with nothing to gain

No hands out, no payoffs just to support those that need me

I need no extra reason why to stand with my loves, my family

–Family and culture define my life, shapes my life

I said my life, which translates, to my world under one light

A light I shine that will never turn off, never lose power

As long as I take this breath, my life, a forever-growing flower

Copyright©2013 Taihair Brown


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