Yesterday’s Love

I was hoping we could, have again what we had yesterday

That L-O-V-E that, for days, kept both of us smiling

But I didn’t know how much I loved it till it started to fade away

I tried to move on, telling myself that I was happy while lying

False words to myself, trying to keep these emotions at bay

Sitting alone in a dark room, promising myself there’d be no crying

Maybe we can, once again, make this love grow

Taking the time to come together and talk it out, so let me know

I was hoping we could recreate this love from square one

Start from scratch and bring back that happy feeling we once had

Make it so we’re back in each other’s arms when it’s all said and done

I was young, though it’s no excuse for making things go so bad

I just know that I need you back more than the grass needs the sun

You brought a light into my world and I turned around and made you sad

But, it wouldn’t hurt to once again try and rediscover that love

And if we could talk it out, I could get that feeling I’ve been devoid of

I swear I won’t let you go, trying to match what we once had, today

Like a blind gold miner, I didn’t know what a treasure I had found

The times we spent together laughing before love went a stray

I need you back and you need me back around

Distant stares and false smiles from afar as we quickly look the other way

I’ll do what it takes to make this love grow, starting back from the ground

It wouldn’t hurt to once again try and find that love of old

So let’s try and make this love whole

©2013 Taihair Brown

yesterday love


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