Gods Voicemail

1st new message

I got up, decided to give you a call this morning

Up and yawning but in mourning

Missing my little brother, that’s what got me calling

I know we haven’t talked since my falling

But I decided to call anyway, hoping you’d answer

Maybe you can quell these questions moving like a dancer

Twisting in my mind, each and every way I see

I know I’m your seed, but I’m lost in this endless sea

Struggling, trying to swim without drowning

Water churns, holding my breath counting

How long can I hold it before I slip and fall into a dark void?

Shadows around every corner in my life some evil employed

Yet I try and live properly but cannot shake ill feelings

So I make this call hoping that it is not too late to start the healing

But if something were to happen to me before we can again talk

I hope you’d forgive me for the path that I have walked


Next message

I’m calling you in the late hour cause that’s the only time I feel alive

When I’m not ready to die, yet I still cry

But these tears hide on the inside

Covering these invisible scars I try and hide

Life’s lesson pulling me in different directions

I’m a mere peasant incapable of making the proper course corrections

That would explain my loss and lack of a path to walk

And so here I am giving you a ring, hoping we could talk

But a fury sleeps deep within that promise’s to devour me

It keeps me awake a night for I fear the dreams in my sleep

Yet I feel alive in the darkness and empty void, breathing in its air

The daylight brings sorrow worse than the scariest nightmare

So if sleep is the cousin of death and darkness, the evils grip on life

Then the lying awake in the light is the glare from the reapers scythe

Pardon the anger in the tone of my voice

I needed to make this call because I’m feeling the lack of choice

But if this anger keeps us, again, from talking

I hope you’d forgive me for this path that I have walked

©2013 Taihair Brown




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