A Killers Passion

I was bored walking the streets for a meal

Creeping in the shadows hungry for meat

Even the song of a new moon couldn’t excite me

What was my motivation for the kill?


No longer having a reason to live

In my absence, the world grew quiet

Cutting up women sector by sector

But it felt like all I did was give and give


Where was my love at?

Floating in the air feeling empty inside

Staring at walls listening for voices no longer present

I used to love when the knife penetrated the fat


Now my soul grows restless with the hunger

What would drive me to sex the next hot body?

Bathe in her essence in the night rain

A little hot sauce while the sky thunders


Maybe the sound of the night’s applause will drive me on

Reheat that passion and awaken the darkness

A willing meat doctor ready to operate

Or maybe that lasting passion is already gone


Now I wonder if the world is even missing me

The safety of their streets realizing they missed the excitement

Where is that nervous sensation at the notion of a new moon?

Is Michael Carter just another memory in history?


They cared enough to even nickname me

But now, no one even takes caution around shadows

Not worried about your wife being cut in half

Who’s wondering if their daughter’s left bleeding in the street?


Is there still a place in the world for a serial lover?

Is loving too hard a crime?

Maybe I’m just no longer in love with the passion

Is there a place in the world where Michael can suffer?


If a meat clever could ignite the flame of forking a hot body

I would of already growled while I squeezed her like a tight rope

But with another new moon cycle, I sit in the dark alone

Floating in the air staring at clean stainless hands that look sloppy

©2013 (Michael Carter aka New Moon Killer) Taihair Brown


michael carter


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