Rear View

I stare at a cold world through my rear view

Tupac speaking in the background,

but it doesn’t ease the pain I’ve been through

All I see is everything I left behind

Looking back at the world as it asks “who are you?”

I can’t look forward to a stolen future

All is left is what’s in the rear view

All I can hear is my heart beaten faster

A voice speaking to me out of the blue

It’s time for you to say goodbye

God, do dreams come true?

I don’t want to look at the world like this

I want to look forward to letting the adult me debut

I scream to God like the song says

Do he hear me or was the pastors words untrue?

Why can’t I look before me through a front windshield?

Instead, I’m surrounded by a dark void subdued

Crying and asking, why was my future stolen from me?

And all I can do is stare through my rear view


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