The Devils Party

As the moon rises overhead

The eye in the darkened sky

Wolves howl, signifying the nights begin

The undead stir restlessly

Ghouls awaken from their eternal slumber

The night yawns with the passing fog

Nightwalkers climb from their tombs

The dead grass dances as the wind moans

Worms move through dirt and long decayed carcasses

Unblinking eyes stare into the night sky

Here the living has no say

This dance of ghouls and goblins

An eerie night that provides a fright

Wander in if you dare

Where ghost sing to the owl’s chorus

Not for mortal eye’s to see

The raven prepare to take any lost souls

In the devils playground, no one hears you scream

Where the wolves howl, yet remain unseen

And ghastly creatures stalk in the shadows

Hand’s reach out from the darkness to devour flesh

As the moons lays its self to rest

Back to their resting places slink the creatures of the night

Raven’s fly off with the flesh of captured prey

Only the owl sits

The silent witness to the night’s events

©2013 Taihair Brown

the devils party


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