I’m up and yawning

Birds singing,

Reminding me how early it is

I want to tell them,

Shut up


I sit under a flowing waterfall

It’s really just my shower

But it feels refreshing so

The steam takes me from eyes shut

Now I’m half awake

I need a cup of coffee

Yet I do not drink coffee

Its smell makes me sick

So I’m forced to wake on my own


Sitting in my underwear and tee shirt

Back on my bed

Tempted to lie back down

If I did,

There’d be no getting back up


I have to get dressed

That fact doesn’t make me move

Knowing what I need to do,

Doesn’t make me move faster


Breakfast; fresh eggs and sausage

A glass of orange juice

Some Greek yogurt too

There’s always energy for food


Slowly dressed,

My bed still whispering to me

Looking so soft and warm

That whore just tempts me


Step out the door

Into the morning cold

Looking forward to

The fun of early morning traffic


Curse whoever invented 6am

Taihair Brown ©2014



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