The Jokers Laugh

A little prose poem for one of the most interesting villains ever created. All hail the Clown Prince

I remember the Jokers laugh, dark and haunting. His terrifying crackles ringing in my ears. Service with a smile. His echo traveling far and wide. A twisted seriousness in his laugh. Something seriously sinister. Inhuman and only the voices in his head were the ones in on the joke. What’s so funny? One may not want to know the answer. Beware of knock knock jokes or that laugh may be the last you ever hear. The Jokers laugh. A clown without carnival or circus. No lions, tigers, or bears. Do not yell, “Bring out the clowns.” You may not like what you get. No ringmaster’s great proclamations. Just a haunting laugh echoing through the dark halls. And at the end of those twisted halls, white face paint with red lipstick smeared like blood. Messy green hair and a smile not even a mother would love. You don’t want under this tent because; this tent is the mind of a mad man. A mad man with a killer joke.

©2014 Taihair Brown



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