Inside the head of a wise man

Arm Leg Leg Arm Head.

Spiritually I am paid,

with images of reality

where a man walks on water.

Metaphor for staying afloat

when the world attempts—

attempts to drown you under evil.

Give me a beautiful scenery

with a queen right next to me

as we take on corrupt Rome.

Open my own third eye in Awe,

no doubt, I can see far

and see right through you.

If God can birth seeds,

then God can bleed.

That blood runs through—

Through the generations,

passed through history

connecting Afrikans together.

Knowledge passes to the next

and each one teaches one.

The minds workout,

strengthening all

Arm Leg Leg Arm & Head

to go to war verses evil—

evils attempts to conquer the world.

Through the power of self,

light comes to chaotic corners

in the form of dark armor.

Polished and bred under the Sun,

strengthened by years of hardships.

Stand together and build,

kill at will with steel,

but only when wickedness brings ill

to threaten the life of communities

with marshal law

and a false sense of authority.

But peace is always the first option—

First second third and fourth.

That is what a wise man knows.

©Taihair Brown 2015


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