Over the hill & under the stars

On a night like this I did love her.

Under the moon and stars we did kiss.

Every night I waited where we were.

Always she came from the near-by hill.


Under the moon she wore a shimmering fur.

Waiting for a shooting star to make a wish

So we could live forever in this romantic bliss.

These nights, nothing brought me a greater thrill.


I would aim for her lips and miss.

Teasing me with a sweet innocent purr—

But on this night, I knew something was amiss

As if there were something inside she wanted to kill.


On that next night, I wondered where she were.

Would I be left alone to just reminisce?

Or did she tire and I was dismissed?

I kept waiting till I could no longer stand the chill.


I returned each and every night, fooled by every blur.

Never were they my love coming to sit—

Coming to laugh or make my heart once again stir.

Never again did she come from over the hill.


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