Four Letters


Have you ever looked in a mirror,

thought something was missing there?

Something that a mirror can’t show—

And all you can do is stand and stare.

You’re afraid of that empty feeling.

Through all the ups and downs,

the power of emotions running on E.

When that feeling of faith goes astray,

leaving nothing but hurt in its wake.

Now you’re left with your doubts—

Left with your tears and fears.

What is love when it’s the joy that hurts?

When the ups are just a mere memory

and every day is an elevator down.

Love, just a few seconds to say to one.

Love, just a few seconds it can end at once.

The kiss, the touch, the feeling that accompanies—

All of it seems, just so surreal.

One word can create so much happiness.

One word can create so much pain.

Four letters can create so much magic.

How quickly those four letters can change.

Four letters that morph from love to…

Hurt, ache, hate, pain.

You know it was a real cause it hurts.

That faith leaves emotional ache.

That love being replaced with hate.

It’s all you can do to deal with the pain.

What happens when love goes astray

and your forced to deal with it alone?

Love, I wish I never spoke your name.

Now things will never be the same.

Despite the many nights I have cried,

We both know the that cruel truth,

that I’ll find myself singing your song again.
Copyright © 2016 Taihair Brown


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