Dream to Wake


I dream of us together, forever,

but I guess I have to wait till I wake.

Till then, these dreams will hold me over.

Every second that I am awake,

the longer I have to wait.

Together with you, I am complete.

Insomnia is like a wicked dream,

so I can’t wait till I get to sleep.

Then I can see you till morning come.

Eight hours till I wake and hear your voice.

I close my eyes so I can see yours,

just one more time.

You’re more than just in my mind.

The dream I never want to wake from—

Except to finally see you for one.

The sooner I go to sleep,

the sooner I get to see you.

Then the sooner I get to wake,

before I finally see you for real.


Copyright © 2016 Taihair Brown


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