I live screaming because monsters are scheming

A nightmare, even when I’m awake I’m dreaming

The thought that I’m possessed is what they’re thinking

Cause I get to talking in tongues when I’m drinking

He must be one with Satan is what they’re screaming

But it’s the nefarious images in my head they not seeing

No way to drown out the voices in my head its seeming

Keeping me off balance these monsters continue streaming

Images in my head, so at ghosts I now stand swinging

Pushing loved ones away cause they see me bleeding

Woken up at night by my screams in the dead dark evening

Chills that would freeze the devil that keeps these monsters cheering

Please put the lights out to prevent these monsters feeding

Pull the trigger to shut out the screaming and leave me bleeding

This world I wouldn’t mind leaving, ceasing my breathing

But every time I get the feeling, I fail and absorb the beating

All the while, monsters laugh, not leaving with eyes gleaming

These monsters in my head hold, screaming and scheming

Tormenting my existing with voices echoing and ringing

Forgive me for my screaming for this nightmare I am living



We used to be close friends, ride or die

That was our motto, homies for life

Not knowing what the future held

We just knew to have each other’s back

Dreams of making it out this poison

Cement cemetery that we called home

Seen it devour even the strongest of men

But we knew we’d be okay

Brothers from different mothers

Side by side trying to survive

Staying up late talking about dreams

No doctors or President dreams or thoughts

Just live long enough to get out the hood

Walking home from school

Laughing and cracking jokes

Trying to holler at the sultry cuties

Soldiers of a kind in a mad mans world

Needed nothing as long as we had us

Brothers in the struggle

I had his back and he had mines

But there’s a twist to every tale

But still, how did it get like this?

Standing over his cold body

Gun smoking from the rounds fired

Feels as if it’s my soul seeping out

Leaving alongside my humanity

Looking down on the empty vessel

Blood spilling out

The surprise in his eyes tells a tale

My brother in arms gone in a flash

Am I the hero or the villain?

Did I save his soul from this prison?

Or did I slay my only friend?

Falling victim to the poison here

I opened fire and his body dropped

A Beautiful Death

I sit in this tub of water with confusion and chaos

Steam dancing beautifully to a song in my head

Don’t be afraid to die is the chorus to this song

At the end of the final verse will be no flowers

In this little tub I’ve filled my whole world

How is this possible I wonder to myself

Putting the cigarette to my lips, I embrace

What am I embracing? Only the nicotine knows

Can the world see what I see across on the shelf?

A reflection of myself or the man I used to be?

Is it true that real men never die? Or was I something else?

No longer remember though it doesn’t matter

This warm water feels good on my body sinking lower

Cigarette smoke blending in with the bath steam

Wish I could float up with, no shackles or weight

I guess I’ll wait just a little bit longer for the kick

Feeling it kick in, hazy cloud like a distant dream

And I still hear it telling me don’t be afraid to die

Confusion and chaos my only company in this dream

They sit calling me a coward but it’s my time

I’ve spent it all, done it all and I have nothing left

So why not embrace the tragedy than hold on to my sanity

I’d like to wish you all peace. Such a Beautiful Death

Copyright©2012 Taihair Brown


The Lake

I’m living this pain but everything’s okay

Or so they say

It’s like everyday I sit and pray

My sea of depression has turned to a lake

To drown in it is my fate

I’m living this pain but everything’s okay

Rising to a new day

Another hunger for lacking food on this plate

Another dream crushed fueling my hate

It’s like everyday I sit and pray

Jealous of the ducks by the lake

I’m living this pain but everything’s okay

Feeding ducks by the lake

With each piece of bread, my soul fades away

Waiting till that moment my body breaks

It’s like everyday I sit and pray

But only the ducks look my way

I’m living this pain but everything’s okay

Water ripples wash away

Bread crumbs vanish with the lost of hate

Ducks walk where the body once stayed

Leaving behind a dark lifeless lake

Void of any life, no more need to pray

No more pain cause everything’s okay

Copyright© Taihair Brown 2012


Dracula’s mentor, a curse upon curse’s

The most vile, despicable creature to walk

He sits in the very front of the church

So he can watch the preacher sweat

Dipping his finger into the holy water

Smiles and wipes it on an infants forehead

A detestable creature embracing murder

Stalking under the lifeless new moon, thirsting

The vilest of fiends cower when he hunts

Jack the Rippers role model in the flesh

Devouring the flesh with his mandible

The very extension of his lust manifest

The screams were never heard,

As if they were devoured by the shadows

Drinking in the essence, not speaking a word

If he did, the night sky would shiver

Demons and devils would shrink in fear

No one dares travel down his red river

No place for him in heaven

Even hell closed off its gates

The most sadistic, vile being in creation

This he appreciates, consuming his victims

Neither hell nor heaven shall tame his appetite

If he ever wrote a book,

It would be the most sinister literature

on how to cook an angel hanging from a hook

How to peel its flesh before God without censor

Slowly pluck each and every feather leisurely

Succeeding in making Lucifer jealous

But even he’d be too zealous to turn away

He is the most diseased mind to walk Earth

A living hell with a beating dark heart

The most appalling, most detestable

He is the most vile creature to ever exist….


Copyright ©2012 [Michael New Moon Carter]

Happy Family

*I should place a disclaimer. If you are easily offended then you might not want to read. I could be overreacting myself, but I rather take peoples feelings into consideration just to make sure*

I put the gun to my head, pause

Think for a minute…

Lower it slowly and I point it at her

The fear in her eyes betrays her thoughts

How can she not feel the same?

Does she not understand my sadness?

It’s that selfishness

That mentality that has us here

Supposed to be one big happy family

Now she’s begging, crying

Give me a minute to think

“Where’s the baby? Where is she?”

Only god knows I tell her

But we’ll be together again soon

I see her sadness evaporate

Exploding into anger cursing me

Turning back around, firing

Hole melts the wall

As does her anger

That face of fear and terror returns

See bitch, this is your fault

That same manner of putting me down

Trying to break me

That’s what got you here

Crying will do very little

Now be quiet, I need to think

Bitch, scream for help one more time…….

Take one last sip from the glass

Putting the gun to my head

I turn and look to her

Staring into eyes like the first time we met

Slowly pulling on the trigger….

It fires….

Two to her chest

She lays motionless

A still angel, forever beautiful

I go and grab the baby

She’s peaceful…….

Daddy loves you I tell her

Sitting down next to my still angel

Lifting her up

Her head gently on my shoulder

Together we’ll be forever

The love of three

For the last time, breathe

I put the gun to my head

We can once again be a happy family

Now and forever in the grace of God……

Copyright ©2012 Taihair Brown

Beholding the Pale Angel

In the shadows of the forest lives a dark figure
Amongst the ghostly shadows stands a dark figure.

Alterations in the dark concealed by black curtains
Shadows dance in formation around the ghastly figure.

Deaths inanimate aura surrounds a lone creature,
Shielding in a bastion of vile sin this dark figure.

More than a hooded entity traversed in the abyss
Older than God and the Devil, this desolate figure.

In awe; Taihair writes viewing of a being unapologetic,
His heart stopped cold by the grasp of this dark figure.

©2012 Robert Brown