“In the face of pain, there are no heroes.”
-George Orwell


there are no heroes


I walk through a blood filled land.

A battlefield full of screams, tears—

No one can hear me crying here.

I scream out that I would die for you.

Amongst the chaos, I am still alone.

Bodies rise and fall around me,

yet no one seems to see me walking.

Is it too late to save my very soul?

The earthquake rattles the land; fall.

No. The bombs tear apart the ground.

The earth rises up and swallows me whole.

I wake to the same scene, yet again.

Puddles of blood and haunting screams.

There I stand alone in Gods war on hell.

Who is left to pray for me?

Is there any love left in me?

Is it too late for my soul?

It’s not the rapture and I’m not Christ.

Just a mortal man fighting a war—

A war he cannot win or prevent.

So I stand ready for this path again.

Ready to take my own life for this pain.

The blood increases with every reset.

Puddles turn to seas. Seas to oceans.

Each march through bodies and gore

that weigh me down further with each step

and my inner self dies with it; I weep.

Among the dying and the living,

is there anyone who will save my soul?

I fight myself. I fight the world. I fight all.

I’m alone, so no one will pray for me.

Sacrifice is the verdict as I give up my heart.

Heroes don’t live, so they cannot die.

So there’s no one to come save my soul.

If someone were to come along this path;

Don’t pray me for.

Kill me and take away this pain,

finally adding my own to this blood ocean.


Copyright ©2018 Taihair Brown



One Day I Will Die

Live your life

One day I will die.

No reason for tears in those eyes.

I will not live in denial.

I will live my life with a smile.

Come have a drink with me.

Lets have fun and make a scene

while the music plays

and we twist and sway.

One day I will die.

Why should I try to lie?

So let me just live this life.

Enjoy the day and the night.

Join me in a toast,

and travel to the Gold Coast.

See the lands of our ancestors,

before drinking out in Manchester.

One day I will die.

No need for me to be shy.

Only just, please don’t judge me.

You can just let me be,

or even, you can come along

and sing with me, a beautiful song

while we smoke some good weed,

before this living, we concede.

©2017 Taihair Brown

The Devils Party

As the moon rises overhead

The eye in the darkened sky

Wolves howl, signifying the nights begin

The undead stir restlessly

Ghouls awaken from their eternal slumber

The night yawns with the passing fog

Nightwalkers climb from their tombs

The dead grass dances as the wind moans

Worms move through dirt and long decayed carcasses

Unblinking eyes stare into the night sky

Here the living has no say

This dance of ghouls and goblins

An eerie night that provides a fright

Wander in if you dare

Where ghost sing to the owl’s chorus

Not for mortal eye’s to see

The raven prepare to take any lost souls

In the devils playground, no one hears you scream

Where the wolves howl, yet remain unseen

And ghastly creatures stalk in the shadows

Hand’s reach out from the darkness to devour flesh

As the moons lays its self to rest

Back to their resting places slink the creatures of the night

Raven’s fly off with the flesh of captured prey

Only the owl sits

The silent witness to the night’s events

©2013 Taihair Brown

the devils party

My Brother

I used to cry from the bullies on the block

And you used to fight so they’d leave me alone

Taught me how to knuckle up

Told me to never back down and fight back

I had no father and neither did you

So we formed a kinship, a brotherhood

You were more than just my brother, family

Who knew you’d grow to be a killer

Taking a drastic turn from the one I took

Maybe cause you were busy fighting for me

Fighting for my pride cause I was too skinny

Bigger kids picked on me often

and you’d throw a punch for every one I received

We’d stay up late talking about our dreams

When we grow up, we’d be having things

So where did the fork in the road deviate us?

Maybe if I had carried my own weight,

your own would have been lighter

I remember your mama’s boyfriend

When he laid hands on her, you wanted to kill him

It was more than defense of pride,

but defense of your Pride

Nothing could hide from the pain you held inside

Maybe it all unleashed into a violent street façade

cause my brother was a caring dude full of love

But someone else didn’t see it that way

One too many fist fights and rage battles

When your mama called me and gave the bad news

Someone took a gun and extinguished my brothers light

I felt powerless and like a coward

The pain of knowing that I was not there

Every time you came to my defense

Why wasn’t I there to ease the weight off your shoulders?

If I had just one wish, I would ask God,

God, please spare my Brother

©2013 Taihair Brown

Tearful Memories

She waits impatiently at the door. Anxiously waiting for the postman to arrive. She had been doing this everyday since he left. She heard the knock of the door and nearly tripped over the cat trying to get to it. She opened it up with excitement and a glow about her face. The glow vanished when she saw two elderly women at the door. The two elderly women were there to talk about God and heaven. She had gone to church regularly every Sunday for years, but today was not the day. A letter was due from her love and she had no time for conversation.

After excusing herself, she went and sat in the living room. Opened the cabinet and pulled out an old box. Filled with pictures and poetic words, it reminded her of days gone by. These weren’t letters he wrote to her while gone, but constant reminders of their love while he was still there. Everyday, reminding her how truly special she was.

She still remembers the day that a clumsy and shy soldier spilled a drink on her at the bar. He stuttered and apologized a million times. It was kind of cute and he even offered to buy her a new dress. That led to the conversation they would have till closing time of the bar. So entranced in each other’s words, they never realized how the hours had flown by.

A storybook meeting, with many more storybook moments that would soon follow. Beautiful candlelight dinners, lakeside lunches, and moonlit dances. She sighed, remembering how he would hang on her every word and quote random lines from love poems, some that she believed he had just made up on the spot because they were so bad. But even the bad ones held within them a romantic spell that captivated her.

She flips through and finds a picture of him soaking wet, the day he fell into the lake. He attempted to propose to her and dropped the ring. In his ever so clumsy manner, he jumped in after it. The water was shallow and she just heard a thud. He had a one-track mind. All he could think about was finding the ring, never mind the clear pain he was in.

Eventually he did find it. Sitting there, waist deep in the water and holding the ring up, panting out of breathe with a goofy smile on his face. How could she not say yes to that? That day, they became more than just two people in love. They would start down their path to oneness.

Looking though more pictures, one of him in uniform. It made her proud but sad. Days after he proposed, he got orders to mobilize. She begged and cried but eventually, she knew that there was no changing it. So she would write to him everyday after and spray the letters with her perfume, leaving kiss imprints on it for him so that everyday he could imagine her there next to him. And he, he wrote back often as he could. Daily if so and if not, the time in between letters was never long. Always excited to receiver her letters, he would write about the others guys teasing him as he waited for the mail call.

A knock on the door brings her back from her dreamland state. It must have been the postman. He was late and she was getting tired of waiting. Hearing another knock, she nearly trips over the cat, again, rushing to the door.

She swings the door open as if God himself were to walk through it. As quickly as she does, her smile fades.

Standing there, an officer, in full military uniform and chaplain in tow. Her eyes went wide and before a word could come from his mouth, tears already rained down her cheek. She collapsed to the ground, screaming and crying. It couldn’t be true. There was no way. They were to be married.

She looked up with tears in her eyes. Looking up at mysterious face, one not belonging to her lost love. A face hidden behind shadows. One that could not properly comfort her or bring her love back from a far off hell. She’ll never get to kiss his lips again, never hear his voice again. Never got to say goodbye. All she could is stare down at the ring sitting on her finger with an eye full of tears, washing memories of a time now drifting further away.

Copyright ©2012 Taihair Brown


We used to be close friends, ride or die

That was our motto, homies for life

Not knowing what the future held

We just knew to have each other’s back

Dreams of making it out this poison

Cement cemetery that we called home

Seen it devour even the strongest of men

But we knew we’d be okay

Brothers from different mothers

Side by side trying to survive

Staying up late talking about dreams

No doctors or President dreams or thoughts

Just live long enough to get out the hood

Walking home from school

Laughing and cracking jokes

Trying to holler at the sultry cuties

Soldiers of a kind in a mad mans world

Needed nothing as long as we had us

Brothers in the struggle

I had his back and he had mines

But there’s a twist to every tale

But still, how did it get like this?

Standing over his cold body

Gun smoking from the rounds fired

Feels as if it’s my soul seeping out

Leaving alongside my humanity

Looking down on the empty vessel

Blood spilling out

The surprise in his eyes tells a tale

My brother in arms gone in a flash

Am I the hero or the villain?

Did I save his soul from this prison?

Or did I slay my only friend?

Falling victim to the poison here

I opened fire and his body dropped


Dracula’s mentor, a curse upon curse’s

The most vile, despicable creature to walk

He sits in the very front of the church

So he can watch the preacher sweat

Dipping his finger into the holy water

Smiles and wipes it on an infants forehead

A detestable creature embracing murder

Stalking under the lifeless new moon, thirsting

The vilest of fiends cower when he hunts

Jack the Rippers role model in the flesh

Devouring the flesh with his mandible

The very extension of his lust manifest

The screams were never heard,

As if they were devoured by the shadows

Drinking in the essence, not speaking a word

If he did, the night sky would shiver

Demons and devils would shrink in fear

No one dares travel down his red river

No place for him in heaven

Even hell closed off its gates

The most sadistic, vile being in creation

This he appreciates, consuming his victims

Neither hell nor heaven shall tame his appetite

If he ever wrote a book,

It would be the most sinister literature

on how to cook an angel hanging from a hook

How to peel its flesh before God without censor

Slowly pluck each and every feather leisurely

Succeeding in making Lucifer jealous

But even he’d be too zealous to turn away

He is the most diseased mind to walk Earth

A living hell with a beating dark heart

The most appalling, most detestable

He is the most vile creature to ever exist….


Copyright ©2012 [Michael New Moon Carter]