She is still broken into parts,

but there is nowhere to hide.

Both her mind and her heart,

were crushed ‘fore I came.

She tries to run, she tries to hide—

Pushing me away at times,

even when I reach out to help.

So astonishingly beautiful,

yet so severely damaged within.

He lived only to serve himself,

leaving her just an empty shell.

I swear my love to her to be pure—

Can my words really be true?

I see it all in her tender eyes—

Wondering to herself in silence,

if I will repeat his mistakes.

I want to glue her pieces back,

but she looks right through me—

“Don’t ever think you know me,”

she says in frustration, and yet…

I stay by her side through the storm.

My heart carries zero doubt.

Together, we will repair her heart.


©2017 Taihair Brown


The Weeping Poet

A writer is depressed.

His words are depression.

His art is his life.

His metaphors mask sorrow.

Wordplay hides his cries.

The audience applauds.

He flips his frown,

but only on the surface.

One mask, two faces.

He cries in black ink.

His cries are silent,

but his words are loud.

The weeping poet;

Hiding behind his art.

©2017 Taihair Brown

Walk This World Alone


I am not afraid to walk this world alone.

A man with no place to call his home.

I am not afraid to walk this world alone.

The soundtrack, a soft and lonely saxophone. .

I am not afraid to walk this world alone—

to explore what, to me, is the unknown.

I’m am not afraid to walk this world alone,

when everyone else has left me on my own.


©Taihair Brown 2017


Hanging on to one word, 
	trying to remember the poem as you heard
Recited over a thousand times,
	in your mind to thyself 
Now you sit restless trying to find-
	Find that last word on the tip of your mind
Over yonder thy lady rest,
	unable to share her dreams with thee
Fight and fight if you must,
	unable to feel the touch of sandman’s dust
Oh love how she sleeps,
	not an echo nor a snore
You would join her in her play,
	‘cept for the block in your way
It escapes you as you near-
	Searching for that majestic dragon
The pen is your grand sword
	Slashing through a forest of words.
Penning your grand quest,
	whilst wishing amongst the stars
Hoping to finally face your foe-
	to be done with the poem you wrote
Sleep ever mocking you so,
	echoing that you shall not pass
You place the pen to and thro’
	drawing the horn of a triumphant blow
A stanza of victims,
	may rest at your feet 
Finding a friend that had never left.
	So now you may end your quest
Your tomb awaits,
	crying out victory at last
Your victory immortal,
	but only as long as the mind stays fertile

©2012 Taihair Brown

Happy Family

*I should place a disclaimer. If you are easily offended then you might not want to read. I could be overreacting myself, but I rather take peoples feelings into consideration just to make sure*

I put the gun to my head, pause

Think for a minute…

Lower it slowly and I point it at her

The fear in her eyes betrays her thoughts

How can she not feel the same?

Does she not understand my sadness?

It’s that selfishness

That mentality that has us here

Supposed to be one big happy family

Now she’s begging, crying

Give me a minute to think

“Where’s the baby? Where is she?”

Only god knows I tell her

But we’ll be together again soon

I see her sadness evaporate

Exploding into anger cursing me

Turning back around, firing

Hole melts the wall

As does her anger

That face of fear and terror returns

See bitch, this is your fault

That same manner of putting me down

Trying to break me

That’s what got you here

Crying will do very little

Now be quiet, I need to think

Bitch, scream for help one more time…….

Take one last sip from the glass

Putting the gun to my head

I turn and look to her

Staring into eyes like the first time we met

Slowly pulling on the trigger….

It fires….

Two to her chest

She lays motionless

A still angel, forever beautiful

I go and grab the baby

She’s peaceful…….

Daddy loves you I tell her

Sitting down next to my still angel

Lifting her up

Her head gently on my shoulder

Together we’ll be forever

The love of three

For the last time, breathe

I put the gun to my head

We can once again be a happy family

Now and forever in the grace of God……

Copyright ©2012 Taihair Brown