Only God Knows

Only God knows

They say life goes on, but you’re not here?

My grandmother tells me that only God knows;

so I want to see that man and ask him why.

I’m upset and your memories are with me still.

I didn’t even get to see you out or say goodbye.

I’m left asking why, but only God knows.

Seeking a response but my calls go unanswered.

They tell me that I have to move on,

but I’ll never get a call or visit from you again.

I go to your home, but you’re not there.

Knock on the door for days, but no one comes out.

Why did you have to leave me here alone?

I will never hear you laugh again.

Never come to you for advice in the dead of night.

Never laugh at your attempts to dance or be smooth.

Why did a true friend have to end up gone?

Only God knows.


©2017 Taihair Brown


Your Doubts

Fuck you for never believing in me
Fuck you for telling what I couldn’t do
Living under your ruthless rule
The stress etched its scars on my flesh
Your doubts playing on repeat in my mind
As the records spinning, your voice echos
And I began to doubt my very self
But I reject your neglect and your hate
Every other word is can’t
Every sentenced started out with you
You can’t do this, you can’t do that
But you’ll be mad when I turn into a winner
I got problems that are much bigger
So why dwell any longer on your doubt
Dwell on your hate, your envy of my fate
I’ll admit, I even cried for a bit
But those tears washed away the pain
All that was left was the dry strength
Roughed, rugged, and raw the unforgiving
And as I climb the steps to the mountaintop
I replay every sentence you ever said
Quote it like you wrote it, driving me further
And when I succeed, enjoying my fruits….
I’ll tell you that you can do it too, just have faith