Truths & Lies


She wanted to sing me a ballad.

Looked to me, said she had fallen in love.

Told me that I made her life valid.

I had no words, so I just gave her a hug.


In a pallid world, she was my sun,

but I was a fool and never saw the smoking gun.

She knew not love and poisoned my heart

with her words as she was lying from the start.


©2017 Taihair Brown


She’s Not You

itting here with a drink in my hand, it’s 4am

I’m sitting here, hours from my wedding

Looking at two pictures, one is my boo

But can’t help but think, she is not you

I know, it should be you with me

I should be seeing you curled up in my sheets

So why didn’t I take you seriously?

Words you were leaving didn’t worry me

Now I’m thinking of what things could be

But I couldn’t see what was in front of me

I still love you very much, but she isn’t you

Back then, I never knew-

Knew what you truly meant to me

And now here I sit at 5:30

Another drink has been poured

All I can think of is you and your kiss

More pain than passion, yet I wish-

Wish I could have those days back

Or rather just you matter of fact

Creating new memories under the sun

But now the bottle is done

When I see her walking down that aisle

and I don’t see your smile

Even when I finally say I do

I’m reminded that she’s not you

Double Standards

He with the boys, popping bottles and smoking

He sees her from a far, rating her smoking

A few sweet words and then they’re all alone

His thoughts are in the moment, not back at home

A moment of lust with no cares in the world

Never mind who he hurts, he’s making toes curl

She with the girls, ladies night out

Dancing their stress away but one guy stands out

Eying her up and her girls are encouraging her

Talking her up, the ring on her finger should deter

But he ain’t minding so why should she

And they were off under the lights of the city

If only she noticed her ring resting in his backseat

But the focus is sweated out amongst the heat

He notices her missing ring, a symbol of their love

Little explanation so she confesses and tries to hug

Not accepting it, he pushes her away

She would throw away 8 years for a nights play

Calls her names, she’s heard worse but this hurts most

They were so close, now she feels so gross

He tells her no amount of apologies can cure the pain

Anger, not thinking of his condom washed away by the rain

Showering off the scent of another woman pissed

While his woman is crying with a knife to her wrist

Copyright© Taihair Brown 2012

Shelf life

She gave her heart and I put it in a jaw

Set it up on the shelf and let it collect dust

Every once in a while I’d take it and look

But I never truly embraced it

So now I sit thinking to myself

Wondering how it all went so wrong

Used it as a paper weight, a shelf brace

Everything but what it was intended for

Now the space looks so empty

Spot it should have never been in the first place

Should of kept it with me all along

Should of kept it close to mines

She told me, warned, reminded me

I told her to calm and not to worry

But now here I sit questioning it all

That spot empty as this feeling

That missing emotion in a void

She took it back from where I left it

So I guess it was my fault though, problem is,

she took my heart with her when she left